Letter of support from medical faculty of the University Regensburg.

Dear Dr. Balanica,

On behalf of the medical faculty of the University Regensburg it is a pleasure for me to acknowledge that your company and the different medical departments of the University Regensburg have since several years a collaboration with you and your medical centre in Bucharest.
Our mutual collaboration is already established and proofed in many diagnostic and therapeutic ways and cases. We are exchanging regularly experience, knowledge and actual research results, which impact our decisions.
The main goal is the collaboration and the service regarding patients with serious and difficult diseases. Some of these patients, who cannot be treated in their home country are and were treated in the university clinics in Regensburg.
All the necessary preparations for the planed treatments and also the aftercare are managed matters by the company of Dr. Balanica. The in-time information exchange is performed with the support of all available modern media like e.g. telemedicine.
As far as I know, in the post treatment phase the specially and individually developed “method Dr. Balanica” supports the recovery and the stabilisation of those patients in an extraordinary way. The success of this special method can be observed already in many patients.

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. habil. Wolf Ferdinand Wieland
em. Chairman of the urological department of the University Regensburg, em. Medical Director of the hospital.
Member of the foreign expert board of the RUDN University Moscwa.