Letter of support from Advanced Nutrigenomics LLC.

Dear Dr. Florin Bălănică.

On behalf of my own company Advanced Nutrigenomics, as well as my partners at Smart EpiGenetX, it is my pleasure to acknowledge that our companies have entered a collaboration agreement with you and your medical center.
As such, we are considering you as a strategic partner for our companies in Romania, and we are convinced that the existing collaboration will not only enhance our presence on the Romanian market, but will also bring significant advantages to your clients.
The services that our companies are brought forward are centered around personalized nutrition (precision nutrition), and have been developed as a collaboration between Advanced Nutrigenomics, Duke University, and Thermo Fisher, all USA companies and at the top of research in nutrition.
As such, our nutrigenetic test is the most advanced in the world, using the most complex algorithms aimed at establishing individualized nutrition requirements. As a consequence of our collaboration, we agreed that you can use our nutrigenetic test as a companion test to your own method #MetodaDrBalanica. Therefore your clients can now have access to these tools that are essential for establishing their optimal nutrition, in order to diminish those health risks associated with sub-optimal nutrition.

Mihai Niculescu, MD, PhD

CEO & Founder
Advanced Nutrigenomics